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Sallie funnies May 27, 2011

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[I’m using this blog mostly as a record for myself so I can remember what it was like when the girls were little.  I’m sure this is very boring for anyone else, I don’t even think Dong finds these very absorbing.]

Nessa was busy drawing in the next room.  I heard a kerfuffle and a “No, Sallie, no!  Don’t color that!” and then I heard Sallie say, “Nessa, I am just trying to be a good friend to you!”  Turns out Nessa was trying to draw Tinkerbell using her paper doll as a model, and Sallie was trying to help her by tracing around the paper doll.

In the same vein of encouragement, the other day we were at the playground.  Every time Sallie did something on her own–climb up a ladder, slide down a slide, board the seesaw–I would praise her enthusiastically.  When she came down the roly slide by herself, I burst into applause.  She said, “Good job watching me, Mommy!”

Ach, this third kid.  I am laid up on the couch again after a very unsatisfactory dinner (I crockpotted a sausage rice casserole and now I feel like gakking) and am wondering how much longer this will last.  I am past the halfway mark and the end of nausea is nowhere in sight.

The mornings are better, though–I am trying to make up for 2.5 months of video saturation by doing more stuff (also I suppose I am feeling a bit guilty after deciding not to uproot the whole family and move to the Cupertino school district just so Nessa can attend McAuliffe–I mean, I love all the group collaboration they do and interesting projects, but to move just for that reason seems a bit much.  So I am trying to make it up to Nessa by doing some fun activities at home.)  Today we made a marble run out of toilet paper rolls and wet felted some ornaments.  I even bought some plastic yarn needles so Nessa can finally do some sewing, which she has been begging me to do.  (This, like many of my endeavors for “fun” and “education” will probably end up in tears and scolding.  *sigh*  Maybe I should hide the sewing needles until she’s Elaney’s age.)

Wednesday we made rainbow flowers out of cupcake liners and caterpillars on sticks, which were Nessa’s idea.  On Wednesday morning Dong had to leave for the office early so the girls were left on their own for a while downstairs while I got ready.  They were eerily quiet for a very long time.  My desire not to look a gift horse in the mouth was finally overcome by my fear that the girls had somehow broken out of the house and were wandering down El Camino Real, so I went in search of them.  They had raided my craft supplies and Nessa had taken out a dozen popsicle sticks and had wrapped each of them with a different color pipe cleaner.  She called them caterpillars.  Sallie was also trying to make some of her own and had managed to crook a pipe cleaner around the popsicle stick a couple of times.  She was very pleased with herself.  (I think Sallie has great regard for the scope of her art.  At her last art class she took tiny pieces of masking tape, applied them to colored wire, and “made” 7 different Dora characters.  “This is Benny.  This is Isa.  This is Boots,” as she showed me one wire-with-tape-fragment after another.)

We also made a mural on Monday and I had the idea we could draw a landscape and run our cars over it (a craft of which Ethan could be proud, I thought) but as is usually the case when I try to gender-neutralize a craft, the girls started drawing rainbows and pink rivers and purple clouds, so I gave up.


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  1. Leslie Says:

    They’re so precious, as are your maternal reflections. :) I love how much you engage your girls in creative activity. BTW, I noticed the New Yorker mag. So, who was perusing it? My bet’s on Sallie. I suspect she appreciates the intellectual cartoons. haha.

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